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Qui sommes nous ?

The MEVO for the world


The Mevo, Mouvement des Entreprises du Val d’Oise, or Association of firms of the French Department of Val d’Oise, near Paris, is an Association of Businesses, founded in 1878, which gathers some 400 firms of all sizes, from very small to very large ones, whose aim is to help its members to assure their development and durability.

Its missions are to facilitate networking, to inform, to represent, to promote, to assist and to 
participate to the economic development of the Val d’Oise and more generally of the Paris/Ile de France Region.
In order to match the missions of our business association, we have designed a strategy in 3 mains types of actions which we call «the three pillars» or «tripod»:

1) «To develop networking», by inviting (attracting!) every month entrepreneurs and institutional actors  in various events, each with speakers exposing their views on specific economical, social or entrepreneurial subjects (the monthly Mevo «hourglass lunch» or «déjeuners sabliers» is very well known in Val d’Oise)

2) «To put in contact» entrepreneurs in specific needs, whatever the business subject can be, with the right person amongst the institutional actors, to facilitate and accelerate the resolution of their problems.

The Mevo is known by almost all the institutional actors of the Val d’Oise and of Paris Ile de France.

3) «To participate in the common social and economic good» of the territory, by its various training programs for entrepreneurs in «strategic workforce planning», as well as for tomorrow Companies employees who are the students of today and the young job seekers :

- The students, by giving speeches in front of school classes about how a firm is generally 
organized and what type of behavior any employee needs to have to satisfy his employer (from college, to high school and University).

- The jobseekers, by training them the same way as for the students, but during 140h followed by 10 days of practical training in a firm:  our program «A’venir Etre en Entreprise» or «How to behave in a Company».
These trainings are given mainly to young people living in specific «sensitive areas» of Val d’Oise, called the QPV (Priority Districts of the city). 

And many others, among wich : free legal advices on social matters, facilitating retention of 
handicapped workers, support in business transfers (selling and buying a business) engineering training,...



Various training programs


The Mevo develops all year long many other training programs, all focused on explaining to young and older people how a company works and what behavior each member of the staff (the 
managers, the entrepreneur, and the firm itself in its entirety) must have to ensure acceptable growth and profitability, leading to job improvement in quantity and quality (wellbeing at work).

Our aim is to give future staff (students and job seekers) the means of being «employable»,
«Employability» being the sum of «how to do+ how to behave».

We teach the «how to behave» part.

Most of our job seeker participants are living in distressed areas (QPV or Priority Area of the City).

We also have entrepreneurship training programs for wanting to be entrepreneurs, as well as confirmed ones.

Some of our training actions :

1) For Middle school students, in relationship with the Academy and the Val d’Oise Department Council, 

The reason of these trainings is born by the fact that the company’s employees of tomorrow are the student of today, and, if we want competitive firms tomorrow, we must start now training their future staff to have an acceptable behavior competence.

    a) «Pack college» or «Middle school Pack» :
It consists, yearly since 5 years, of 1/2 day speeches by firm managers to 50 secondary school classes explaining “company’s organizations” and the necessary behavior codes to be a good staff member.
These speeches are all followed by a company’s visit. 

We also give yearly 2 hour speeches in 30 other classes of different Val d’Oise middle  secondary schools, informing the students of the many professions within various sectors (ex : the automobile industry and the catering one,...)

    b) We organize, since 5 years, 5 yearly «speed meetings» or «my first job interview» mornings, for full classes of secondary school students, every time in a different middle school(French «colleges») during which each student is interviewed by a company manager during 7 minutes, followed by two other 7 minute interviews with two other managers.
30 firm managers give every time their free time during each of these speed meeting mornings to act as the interviewers (and they like it!).

    c) We offer 300 x 1 week stages (work practice information) in various companies throughout the Val d’Oise, to middle class students for their compulsory «1 week Company discovery period», for students whose parents have no business networks.

2) For job seekers

    a) A’venir Etre en Entreprise

    b) A’venir Parrainage or «Mentoring for a better future» :
200 jobseekers, mainly young but also older, leaving mainly in sensitive areas, with evident job finding difficulties, are sponsored each by a volunteer company manager (we have more than 110 such mentor entrepreneurs or managers) during 3 individual meetings in 2 months for the last quarter of 2017.

We prepare these sponsorships by giving beforehand collective lectures ( to groups of 20 to 30 jobseeker participants) on how a company works and which are the indispensable behavior 
codes to know to become a good staff employee.

3) Entrepreneurship: by groups of «15 Determined people»

2 groups per year, since 3 years.
The program consists of both collective training and individual assistance to groups of 15 project holders on entrepreneurship for new wanting to be entrepreneurs of the QPV (deprived area of cities) who wish to launch an activity.
The individual assistance consists of helping for the implementation of the business plan and giving contacts (business network) for all business needs.
The assistance is not time limited.

4) For experienced entrepreneurs :

Program «A’venir GPEC» or «Human Resource Planning for the future» training.

This program includes yearly 7 firms (20 to 200 staff) and lasts one year :
It started 5 years ago and consists of collective classes ( 1/2 day every month and a half), bringing together, for each firm, the couple «entrepreneur and his human resource manager», followed by a day of coaching, in each firm, to help the management team to implement what has been said during the collective meetings.
The program starts with the concepts of company profession, vision, strategy and its implementation, thus leading in the future needs of staff in quantities and qualities (Competences) during the laps time of the vision (3 to 5 years).



Our Program «A’venir Etre en Entreprise» has been created both to help employers to hire employees with «know how + life skills» in order for the firm to improve continuously its competitiveness and also for the employees, to acquire the indispensable interpersonal behavior which, linked to their proper know how (diploma,..), will enable them to became «employable», in order for them find more easily a job which they will keep, due to the satisfaction they will give to their employers.

Indeed, France has a high level of unemployment, mainly of the young people, specially living in sensitive areas (the city popular districts).

Despite that fact, employers have difficulties in finding the employees they need, not due to a lack of job seekers with diploma (know how), but because many potential employees have an acceptable diploma, but not the acceptable life skills which an employer would expect: the employer feels that the lack of proper behavior of the job seeker he interviews will not match, his company’s obligation to fully satisfy his customers.

In order to help resolve this dilemma, we have therefore decided ten years ago to launch a program of behavior training, mainly for the young job seekers living in these city popular districts, from 19 to 26 years of age, in our Val d’Oise department, in the labor pools of Argenteuil, Cergy, Gonesse and Sarcelles.
The program lasts 140 days followed by 10 days’ work placement in a firm.

It consist of a detailed description of what is a company, how it is organized (a company is always generally organized the same way, only the product is different), followed by the answer to the question: because a company has that type of organization, what his the behavior that each employee must have during his work time, in order to satisfy the Company objectives, which are first dictated by the needs of customer’s satisfactions : individual, social, professional, relational behaviors,  thus making the employee an acceptable company team member, already rich of his personal know how.

The training is developed around groups of 12 to 15 participants for each promotion in each labor pool every 6 to 8 weeks, with collective and individual sessions, which means that we train presently some 120 to 160 young job seekers every year : we have already trained some 1000 job seekers in 10 years.

The program includes individual mock job interviews, and a group company visit as well as a cultural one (Abbaye of Royaumont, Château d’Auvers...).

At the end of the session, we help the participants to find a job, an apprenticeship or a qualified training course, according to his wills: we reach around 70% success in positive issues.

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